Sufism is a school for the actualization of divine ethics. It involves an enlightened inner being, not intellectual proof; revelation and witnessing, not logic. By divine ethics, we are referring to ethics that transcend mere social convention, a way of being that is the actualization of the attributes of God.

To explain the Truth is indeed a difficult task. Words, being limited, can never really express the perfection of the Absolute, the Unbound. Thus, for those who are imperfect, words create doubt and misunderstanding. Yet:

If one cannot drink up the entire ocean,
      one can drink to one's limit.

Philosophers have written volumes and spoken endlessly of the Truth, but somehow their efforts have always fallen short. For the sufi, philosophers are those who view the Perfection of the Absolute from a limited perspective; so all they see is part of the Absolute, not the Infinite in its entirety. It is indeed true that what philosophers see is correct; nevertheless, it is only a part of the whole.

Only by the light of the Spiritual Path and the mystic way can the Truth be discovered. In order for one to truly witness the Perfection of the Absolute, one must see with one's inner being, which perceives the whole of Reality. This witnessing happens when one becomes perfect, losing one's (partial) existence in the Whole. If the Whole is likened to the Ocean, and the part to a drop, the sufi says that witnessing the Ocean with the eye of a drop is impossible. However, when the drop becomes one with the Ocean, it sees the Ocean with the eye of the Ocean

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Diwan e Qutubuddin  (in Urdu)
Diwan e Qutubuddin  (in Urdu) ..
INR 300.00
Farishton Kay Ajeeb Halaat (in Hindi)
Farishton Kay Ajeeb Halaat (in Hindi) ..
INR 300.00
Jinnaat Ka Badshah Aor Deegar Karamat-e-Ghous-e-Azam (Radhi Allahu Anhu) : Hindi Book ..
INR 140.00
Khairul Majalis
INR 720.00
Khwaja Gharib Nawaz book in Hindi
This book contain history of sufi Khawaja Gareeb Navaz. ..
INR 260.00
Majarate Auliyae Delhi
INR 80.00
Matla-Ul Anwar by Amir Khusro
The word masnawi has been derived from masna, which means two since two lines of masnavi rhyme ..
INR 900.00
Siyar-ul-Auliya (In English) History of Chishti silsila
Siyar-ul-Auliya (In English) History of Chishti silsila ..
INR 790.00
Tairkh Mastan Chisti
INR 600.00
Tazkiratul Auliya (in Hindi)
Tazkiratul Auliya (in Hindi) ..
INR 290.00
The Chain of Light
INR 400.00
The Life and Teaching of Khawaja Qutub-ud-din Bakhtiyar Kaki
Khawaja Qutub-ud-din Bakhtiyar Kaki Rehmatullah-alaihi was the  chief Khalifa of Hazrat Khawaja..
INR 420.00
The Life and Time of Sheikh Nizamuddin Auliya
The Book on Sufism : Sehikh Nizam-u'd-din Auliya life at Delhi India "How many scholars..
INR 450.00
The Life and Times of  Sheikh Nasir-u-d-din Chiraghe-I Delhi
Sheikh Nasir-u'd-din Chishti: Sheikh Nasir-u'd-din Mahmud, popularly known as chiragh-i dehli&nbs..
INR 440.00
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