Prayer Mat (In leather) or Janamaz

Prayer Mat (In leather) or Janamaz

Muslim Prayer Mat :                         

Muslims Pray five times a day, this is known as Salah and is one of the five pillars of Islam. They are called to pray at down, mid-day,
afternoon, after sunset, and at night. Bsides standing, you bow and  touch the ground with your forehead Prayers are said facing towards

 While Muslim believe that it is best to pray within a mosque, prayers may take place anywhere that is clean,degnified, and large enough to
make the worship movements.

 The traditional of colorfully decorated prayer mats may have started with a humble ratten mat. Many prayers mats are woven in the perisan rug
tradition, although they are smaller in size. The design deos not have to be symmetrical but has a direction and is always laid down facing
Mecca. According to Islamic tradition, no person or animal is de-picted on a prayer mat. They will often contain geomeric patterns, verses
from the Qura'n in  Arabic and flowers in the design.

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AL Haram Prayer Mat
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INR 400.00
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Prayer Mat for children
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Safri Janamaz (Travelling Prayer Mat)
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