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Khashbul Oudh
INR 12,000.00
The Holy Quran
INR 450.00
Zahoor Taif Attar
INR 320.00
INR 120.00
Natural Soap
INR 120.00
Pakistani Miswak
INR 18.00
Maryami dates
INR 420.00
Jinus Tasbih
INR 15.00
Nakshe Azam
INR 185.00

Barkat Emporium

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AL Haram Prayer Mat
This is good quality AL Haram Prayer Mat  ..
INR 400.00
Bangla Green Topi or Muslim Cap
This is designer muslim cap, it come from bangladesh.mix of polyster and cotton. ..
INR 150.00
Bangla Muslim  Cap Big Size
The material used in this cap, cotton and polyster. ..
INR 170.00
Bookies 2 category Muslim Cap
This Cap is very famous in Tableeghi People,Because in tradition most of the people are using this c..
INR 220.00
Bota First Muslim Cap
This cap made by Indian Manufacture with good material. ..
INR 130.00
Cotton Mix topi (Islamic Cap)
This Design made  By Indian Tailored.  ..
INR 90.00
Counting Tasbeeh or Tally counter
INR 60.00
Crystal Tasbeeh
This is High Quality Crystal Tasbeeh.have good looking. ..
INR 100.00
El- Ensar Topi (Islamic Cap)
Good Brand of Topi is El- Ensar. ..
INR 100.00
Haqqani Muslim Cap
This Type of cap mostly used by sufism type people. tha cap made by cotton and polyster. ..
INR 180.00
Japani Tasbih
This tasbeeh made in Japan, very good qulity tasbeeh ..
INR 130.00
Prayer Mat for children
INR 180.00
Safri Janamaz (Travelling Prayer Mat)
This is Full size prayer mat which folds into its integrated  compact zip up, it include carry..
INR 90.00
Tiger Muslim Cap
The cap looking tiger color so its name is tiger cap.made by polyster with mix cotton. ..
INR 160.00
Turkiyan Muslim Cap
This is made by woolen type cloth, this is come from turki. ..
INR 190.00
White Tasbeeh with Allah & Muhammad (100 prayer beads)
100 beads - beautiful beads with Allah & Muhammad  written in Arabic on each bead. This Ta..
INR 60.00
Wooden Tasbeeh (100 prayer beads)
This is good quality indian based tasbeeh made by wooden ..
INR 80.00
Woolen Muslim Cap for Men
it is made by wollen and mix cotton ..
INR 320.00
Zaitoon Fruits
Zaitoon Fruits According to Sayings of Holy Prophet Mohammed (Sallallaho Alaihe Wa’salam) ol..
INR 190.00
Zaitoon(Olive) Oil or Zaitoon ka tel
Zaitoon-Olive oil is one of the oldest oils and its use dates back to  the ancient empires of E..
INR 210.00
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