Matla-Ul Anwar by Amir Khusro

Matla-Ul Anwar by Amir Khusro
Matla-Ul Anwar by Amir Khusro Matla-Ul Anwar by Amir Khusro
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The word masnawi has been derived from masna, which means two since two lines of masnavi rhyme so it got this name. like Ruba, i, this form of verse also has been invented by the Non- Arabian people. the later poets of arabiv adopted it with the name of mazdooza.

Among the non-Arabian poets the originator of masnawi is roodki. firdausi took it to zenith, winding through the narratives and tales
in its developing stage,Nizami made it acquaineted with realities and the mystic knowledge and a fountain of admonitions and counslling
Sheikh Sa'di and Amir Khusrau scattered their pearls and trickled their gems through this made of verse. As we shall see ahead in the translation
of Matla'ul-Anwar (Dawn of lights), Amir Khusrau calls this masnawi as the mine of gems and pearls.

Masnawi Matla-ul-Anwar:
   Matla'ul-Anwar is an imitation of Molana Nizami's Masnawi Makhza-ul-Asrar and an element and, rather, the first element, of khamsa
   (A set of five= Here a set of five Masnwis of)-i-Khusravi as is to be learnt further While going Through its translation ahead. 

    A Masnwi has nine metres, out of which Matla'-ul-Anwar has been composed in the metre known as Sari'.
    In order to complete the compendium of his masnawi, Amir khusrau Composed the following Masnawis in their respective order:
            1- Shirin Khusrau
            2- Majnu laila
            3- Ayena-i-Sikandari
            4- Hasht Bahisht

          Full details are available in book.

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