Aakhri Chattan by Naseem Hijazi Novel (in Hindi)

Aakhri Chattan by Naseem Hijazi  Novel  (in Hindi)
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Aakhri Chatan (the Last Cliff) is a beautiful, stunning and superb Hindi historical novel written by Naseem Hijazi, the famous Urdu historical novelist.
The novel is based on the historical events took place in Baghdad and Afghanistan in the era of Khilafat Abbasia (Abbasid Caliphate) where a new power of Genghis Khan (Borjigin Tem├╝ji) appears and grows rapidly. Genghis Khan writes his history with blood and build wall by the heads of the people killed by him.
But, a man from Islamic world, though he is weak then Genghis Khan is materialistic prospective, stands against Genghis Khan like a strong wall. This man is remembered in Islamic history is called Jalal-ud-Din Khwarzam Shah. 

The novel is very interesting and it grabs the eyes of reader until he turns its last page. You may gain knowledge about the history of Islam and enjoy reading an interesting novel in a same time.

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