Zaitoon(Olive) Oil or Zaitoon ka tel

Zaitoon(Olive) Oil or Zaitoon ka tel
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Zaitoon-Olive oil is one of the oldest oils and its use dates back to  the ancient empires of Egypt. Olives are majorly found in the 
coastal areas of eastern Mediterranean countries. Olive oil is rich in nutrients and is replete with Vitamin A, B-1, B-2, C, E, D 
and K. Minerals present in it are very useful for our body and helps the body in performing various important functions. 
Magnesium-rich chlorophyll encourages formation of healthy red blood cells. Caffeic and gallic nutrients stimulate the 
flow of bile which helps alkalise food coming out of the stomach, reducing stress on the pancreas. Olive oil virtually benefits 
almost every aspect of body function for example development and maintenance including brain development, bone structure, 
digestion, aging process, the condition of skin and hair, metabolism, plaque formation in the blood vessels, etc.

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